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Solid 904L stainless steel Our Swiss grade Rolex watches are made of 904L steel, that is more costly and complicated to produce because it’s very hard, but it’s worth it since it is more rust and corrosion-resistant than other steels, and hold the polish much better than the 316L steel.

Scratch-proof sapphire crystal The advantage of sapphire glass that is used in our Rolex Replica designer Watches over regular glass is that the sapphire crystal is much harder, and thus very hard to scratch. Cheap clones use mineral glass, which is 10 times more fragile than sapphire. Sapphire crystal measures 9 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, followed by Diamonds on 10.

IP65 Standard We provide you with factory direct Rolex Replica and Fake Rolex of Swiss Movement, the most popular styles, the best prices, welcome to buy. Our high-quality Rolex models feature a double core silicone “O” Rings, made of solid tube rubber create an airtight seal, providing decent IP65 water resistance (rain/spash proof).

The difference between Swiss and Japanese grade designer watches is the steel grade that is being used, as well as the manufacturing process and machinery. Japanese grade watches use 316L steel while the Swiss grade is manufactured from 904L Steel which is a much durable, rust and corrosion-resistant but at the same time more costly and complicated to produce. Swiss grade watches are manufactured on machinery that is cloned to match Swiss technology and standards, therefore a higher accuracy and finishing is to be expected.

The main difference in Swiss and Japanese grade watches is the mechanism that makes it work. Swiss grade replica watches feature Swiss ETA movement or an alternative, depending on the model, which is more accurate, complex, with more jewels and ofcourse more expensive. Japanese grade respectively has a Japanese movement inside, which is also higly accurate, but real replica watch enthusiasts prefer to know that the mechanism is Swiss.

Japanese grade watches are not waterproof, they are water resistant, do not confuse.
For Japanese grade, the chronograph is working only with quartz movements, if it’s an automatic movement, the chronograph is not functional.
Swiss grade Rolex watches have a 36-72 hours watch reserve, while the Japanese up to 24.

How much does a "solid gold" Rolex actually cost?

How much gold is in the gold watch? Like this popular model, the Rolex Day-Date 40, reference number 228238, is currently on the market for approximately $39,000. In order to find out what gold the watch really contains, we need to weigh all the parts made of actual gold...for this, we took the watch apart. Even if the hands of Rolex watches are made of gold, they weigh less than one tenth of a gram. In today's market, this is a few dollars at most. As a result, we excluded them from actual calculations. It is also important to note that gold watches are not made of pure gold. It is made of 18K gold, which accounts for approximately 75% of gold by weight. Then, we weigh each gold nugget one by one to get the final weight...

10 reasons why Rolex is the perfect watch

Have you ever wondered why Rolex is so expensive? It is one of the most popular brands and perfect watches in the world, some are enviable, while others are essential timepieces. But have you ever wondered why it requires such a high price? After all, aren't they just ordinary timepieces with classic labels? It turns out that you are not only paying the price for this name, but also for the timeless design and the world-renowned watch, refined with the top technology that has existed for many years. Rolex is not only Kennedy's precision jewelry, but also a core part of film history. Let us take a closer look at the history of Rolex. In this article, we will point out some rare intricacies and use their extensions to illustrate how they justify the price, but, of course, you will make a judgment on this.

904L stainless steel

Rolex is the only company that uses 904l stainless steel. In order to make the watch stand out from the crowd, Rolex provides an unparalleled classic design for its luxury watches, including the use of high-quality 904L stainless steel. This type of steel is stronger and brighter than the ordinary 316l steel commonly used by other watchmakers. 904l stainless steel is not only expensive, but also difficult to manufacture. Rolex (Rolex) has widely used this steel, commonly known as corrosion-resistant super alloy, since 2003. Considering that all Rolex watches are usually manufactured in-house, most of the machines are replaced to produce 904l stainless steel. Manufacturing this type of steel requires special skills and additional work, so most watchmakers continue to rely on 316l steel. Therefore, Rolex may be the only company using 904l steel. We think this is a very important reason, Rolex is the world's top watch brand, and we also use 904l Steel in our manufacturing process.

Own science laboratory

Rolex has its own research and development department, equipped with professional scientific laboratories for each institution. The main purpose of these laboratories is to find more ways to improve manufacturing techniques to produce efficient and perfect watches. They do this by researching new clocks and related things to stay in close contact with evolving technology. It can be said with certainty that Rolex is extremely talented and keeps orderly manufacturing the most advanced timepieces. Rolex laboratories are located in different parts, the most interesting of which is the chemistry laboratory. Here you can find liquids, gases, beakers and test tubes used by trained scientists for research. They will update the laboratory every second to ensure the latest performance. Because we can reverse engineer the latest masterpieces, we are able to cut these huge costs and provide you with an affordable price tag.

All assembled by hand and tested

One of the biggest misconceptions about Rolex is machine-made watches. The fact is that Rolex watches have received human attention in actual operation to ensure that they produce exquisite Swiss watches. Rolex will definitely use machines in the process. In fact, Rolex can easily have the most advanced watchmaking machinery in the world. Robots and other automated tasks are actually used to handle tasks that humans are not good at, such as sorting, filing, sorting, and very complex processes that involve the type of care you want the machine to handle. Most of these machines are still operated by humans, and everything from Rolex movements to bracelets is assembled by hand. However, the machine can help you accomplish some things, such as applying proper pressure when fixing pins, aligning parts and pressing down on your hands. Having said that, the hands of all Rolex watches still need to be manually set by well-trained technicians. To suggest that Rolex is obsessed with quality control would be an understatement. We do our best to maintain the standard, copy all the used equipment as much as possible, and bring you the perfect watch.

The in-house foundry puts all its gold

Rolex creates its own gold-is it fascinating? Although they have few suppliers, Rolex is still in-house steel manufacturing to produce all parts and all platinum. 24k gold enters Rolex and becomes 18k gold, white gold or Rolex's eve rose gold, which is the colorless version of their 18k rose gold. As far as we know, Rolex is the only watch manufacturer with its own gold and even its own foundry.

Very powerful R&D

Another thing about Rolex’s high price is that they spend a lot of money on research and development like any other innovative company at the pinnacle of their games. When you want the best product, you need to invest time, energy and money to develop the product and continue to improve it. Rolex constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation and develops new manufacturing processes, materials and complexity to put into watches. We are very happy that they have invested a lot of money in technology that can be replicated and brought to our customers with the highest value.

High impermeability

Rolex watches have excellent resistance to penetration, such as the Rolex Submariner series products even within 300 meters of water resistance. In order to confirm the waterproof level, each watch is usually tested in a pressurized water tank, and then tested outdoors in actual water. At the same time, when testing Deepsea watches, Rolex uses a high-pressure water tank, which is specially developed by the "Comex" company (Compagnie Maritime d'Specialty).

Army of gemologists

In order to ensure that they always show consumers first-class luxury watches, Rolex employs a large team of gemologists. These experts assist in the purchase, testing and setting of precious materials, including gold and diamonds to various luxury models. In addition, the company also uses traditional jewelers to manually pick and set diamonds and gemstones. Rolex outsources some materials used in the manufacturing process. These materials (such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies) need to be tested to determine their authenticity. To this end, they hired many gemologists to buy, inspect, classify and place the diamonds and gems of the watch. They use special X-ray machines to identify real and fake diamonds. The number of fake diamonds entering Rolex is negligible, but despite this, they can still be tested with maximum accuracy.

Fort Knox has nothing on Rolex

Like anything that costs a lot of money, safety is the key. Rolex (Rolex) has strict security protection, because it has a lot of valuables that need to be kept. From the gate to the foundry, you will have to pass numerous security checks. Their security is very strict, all the way to the underground. Everyone who uses Rolex must park their ID badge every time to allow fingerprint scan identification. They scan and record every process to avoid safety risks. Each movement on the Rolex has a unique serial number that matches the case, which also provides a different and unique serial number. This completely eliminates possible imitations. If you want to use a Rolex safe, you should go through the bank vault door, where you will view it through an iris scanner, which will automatically recognize your eyes. This kind of safety protection can only be found in high-end brands that produce luxury timepieces such as Rolex. They use unmarked trucks, which are unrecognizable when being transported everywhere. These trucks have extraordinary protection, and you will find them in the treasure. Rolex watches can be said to be the most expensive watches in the world because of their high product safety.

Make a Rolex in a year

Rolex's advertisement long ago claimed that it would take about a year to make a Rolex watch. Although it may sound suspicious, it is true even today. Rolex produces nearly one million watches a year, but surprisingly, there are no shortcuts in the manufacturing process. Rolex is very interested in quality and efficiency. Basically, the entire company seems to be focused on producing the best watches and is constantly looking for ways to make them better. If you observe Rolex watches over time, they are more about evolution than revolution. Of course, if necessary, Rolex can speed up certain models, but each watch requires so many parts, and almost everything is made of internal basic materials. After all the parts of a Rolex watch are completed, most of them need to be assembled by hand and individually tested. The testing and quality assurance process is very intense.

Rolex watch design costs a lot of money

Watchmaking is a demanding profession, and the Rolex model is the best example. Rolex watches have high internal development costs in terms of design and craftsmanship. The design and assembly of the development movement not only cost a lot, but the materials used in the actual structure are not cheap. Rolex even has several R&D laboratory departments of its own, equipped with highly specialized facilities. They spend time developing more efficient manufacturing methods, while also developing new technologies to stay ahead. They even used some highly complex and sensitive kits, such as electron microscopes and gas chromatographs. Since the parts may be small, the materials used must meet the mission requirements. Their pressure chamber tests the text damage of various parts. So now you know why Rolex watches are so expensive, what steps we can cut and what expenses we can avoid, so you will be able to buy Rolex watches at an affordable price.